Friday, April 30, 2010

The Static Hymnal V/A 6X C-6O Box Set.
We are beyond excited to bring you this project that has been 2 years in the making from 3 labels (Husk/Factotum/Hung Like a Horse) features 42 artists,on 6 c-60's.6 cassettes of sonic depression and terror fueled electronics.Features some of the best Death Industrial,Drone,Experimental,Noise from around the world.Includes tracks from:
Wilt/Envenomist/Bernard Mothstal/Red Needled Sea/Jason Schuler/Teeth Collection/Altar of Flies/Family Battle Snake/Ordo Lacrina Christi/Pillars of Heaven/Kam Kassah/Altars/Sewer Goddess/Fat Legs/Josh Lay/Wether/Camisole/Natatraja/Gnarly Sheen/The Fortieth Day/Hallowed Butchery/Ettrick/Riververb/Blue Sabbath Black Cheer/Fermentae/One Lifeless Eye/Tree Creature/Stemcell Research Project/Ben Allen/Breath of Chaos/Steel Hook Prostheses/Scard/Dzakar/Hauntings/Demonologists/Toxicum Aestus/Scythe Death/M. Kourie/Black Moss/Metek/Ryan Unks/Gnaw Their Tongues.Full color artwork.Edition of 100 copies.SOLD OUT

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