Monday, March 26, 2012

more developer weirdness

so last nite at the pregnant spore show here in dayton, i did the first DEVELOPER GROUP set... this one being the DAYTON DEVELOPER GROUP as it was in dayton... same idea as developer, but instead of mostly tapes and my other stuff as the sources, i used other ppls line ins and had a full 12 memeber group consisting of all dayton ladies and gentlemen (and justin mark lloyd sat in as well)... below is the link for the track... thanks to the participants: ben=vob, jimi=skintape. nikki=lepor colony, jonathan=foresight, luke=being, katie=kanible, jmm=john molony, bill=amusiac, britney=???, jml=pregnat spore, stu + dan =vukmir vukmir, dan rizer=glom, and myslef. enjoy


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