Friday, March 23, 2012

new tapes are coming finally.

ok so i had another year of personal tragedies so everything got held up, also the plant is super behind so the pro dubbed HUSH! series is pushed back yet again... the plan had been to do all tapes pro dub from here on out... but the plant has kinda proven to not be as reliable as they are suppose to be.... so the HUSH! series will be pro dubbed... and some tapes here and there will be pro dubbed... but for the most part... i will just continue to dub at home, and keep trying to get each batch to sound better than the last. so anyway... the last batch to get released was never actually posted here... so before i post the new stuff, i will get the older stuff posted... and a list of whats still in print. thanks everyone for your support and patience with me, life always get in the way of the work, but we keep plugging away. so in the next month or so expect to finally see the new tapes, some of which i've been talking about for over a year now.... man thats lame.

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