Friday, March 23, 2012

whats in print!

below (in the previous post) is the batch that was released in june 2011... for whatever reason i never actually posted them here. there were also a few tapes that kinda came out and were never really posted anywhere.... so to clear things up... below (as in right below, in this post) is the list of whats in print... whats out of print, and whats coming very soon.

fact059 developer - "fact059" c20
fact058 alexander adams - "stray voices over roaming" c40
fact057 skin graft / collapsed arc - "shadow self" (split/remix) c20
fact056 explosive improvised deveice - "embrace self defeat" c30
fact055 discretion / developer - "split" c20 (1913/8)
fact054 aperiodic -"untitled" c40
fact053 footbinder - "ep2" c20
fact052 hostage pageant - "a study in self deprication" c20
fact051 developer - "fact051" c20
fact050 teeth collection - "tome" 6xc60
fact049 mannequin hollowcaust / developer - "split" c20
fact048 developer - "x-mass/new years gift" ltd to 20 c20
fact047 developer - "12 month tape swap" ltd to 12 c40
fact046 v/a "HUSH! quiet music vol. 6"
fact045 v/a "HUSH! quiet music vol. 5"
fact044 v/a "HUSH! quiet music vol. 4"
fact043 v/a "HUSH! quiet music vol. 3"
fact042 v/a "HUSH! quiet music vol. 2"
fact041 v/a "HUSH! quiet music vol. 1"
fact040 weathers & glover - "englist export plastic" c40
fact039 matthew reis / jack callahan - "split" c30
fact038 jerk - death testament" c30
fact037 developer - "fact037" c20
fact036 clviii / developer - "split" c30 (1913/7)
fact035 wood & rope / developer - "split" c30 (2 copies left) (1913/6)
fact034 original tongues - "volume and participation" c60
fact033 kanible / the vehicle - "symbiosis" (split) c40 (1913/5)
fact032 teeth collection / josh lay - "collab" LP + cdr set
(cdr is a reissue of fact006)
fact031 wether - "idiots in comas" c20
fact030 envenomist / orbiting formats - "split" c30
fact029 time capsule - "3 cities" c90
fact028 ab - "the minds of consumers" c40
fact027 meaning - "glass cemetery" c60
fact026 clviii / ghost of obtuse - "split" c30 (1913/4)
fact025 two suns - "roots below / ditchcraft" c90
fact024 caudill + reis - "distance between strings" c40
fact023 diaphragmatic / developer - "split" c20 (1913/3)
fact022 john madigan molony / i am foresight - "split" c60 (1913/2)
fact021 meaning - "the sun craddles the moon" c60
fact020 interstates (etc.) - "i felt closer to god..." c30
fact019 gnarly sheen - "danger dancer" c40
fact018 teeth collection / plasmic formations - "2010 tour split" 2xc90 (1913/1)
fact017 footbinder - "developing an exit stratagy" c20
fact016 teeth collection - "misused glory" c40
fact015 plasmic formations - "i now know, knowing now" c90
fact014 teeth collection - "pepaw: for harley dill" c60
fact013 plasmic formations - "years of an unwanted past" 2xc90
fact012 meaning - "open pockets" c60
fact011 swamp horse - "obsidian" c20
fact010 a snake in the garden - "hypnosil" c30
fact009 teeth collection - "objects of metal and tape" c60
fact008 adrian barbobot - "amazon woman" c30
fact007 alistair crosbie - "the suntrap" c30
fact006 teeth collection / josh lay - "split/collab" 2xc30
fact005 teeth colletion / jason zeh / nicolas ceparski / eid -
"4 way 2009 tour split" 2xc20
(co-released with eyewish arts and community college)
fact004 teeth collection - "oddites" c60
fact003 teeth collection - "fact003" c40
fact002 e.a.n.m. - "untitled" c20
fact001 v/a "static hymnal" 6xc60 boxed set
(co-released with husk and hlah?)

tapes are $5 each post paid in the usa, lp +cdr set is $15 post paid in the usa,
everywhere else email for quote.
paypal to

some other things around the bend, tapes by the ames room, a.saunders, aidsblood, and more in the unofficial 1913 flood activites series of splits of dayton, ohio artist.

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