Thursday, October 7, 2010

found two more vids from bill math's place in ny 2010 tour.

Monday, October 4, 2010



Factotum tapes and HUSK RECORDS are beyond proud to announce the official release of the JOSH LAY & TEETH COLLECTION collaboration LP. Recorded in 2008 by Josh Lay in Nicholasville, KY, the lp was suppose to be released the same year, but was shelved do to the failing economy (thanks bush), and now finally sees the light of day. Ltd to 200 copies (!!!! you can also order from husk = huskrecords at yahoo dot com!!!!) in black jackets, hand screened with white ink, and dusted with dark blue paint. Each copy comes in a poly sleeve with an insert and a cd-r attached to the back with a hub. The material on the cd-r was previously released as a dbl cassette on factotum and contains two more tracks from the same session as the LP, and one solo track each. The covers were designed and screened by Matthew Reis. The material is of course two sidelong brain scrapers from inside the ghost factory… exactly what you would expect out of a collab from these two


FACT024 CAUDILL / REIS DUO “distance between strings” c40 (continuing my foray into (mostly) acoustic sounds, here as a duo with elisha caudill of original tongues. Prepared guitar, prepared banjo, bells, double bass, and various devices, free improv style with mass focus on drone)

FACT025 TWO SUNS – “the roots above / ditchcraft” c90 (eli of original tongues and josh of plasmic formations. A song cycle of beautifully crafted synth / guitar pieces. If you’ve dug any of the recent plasmic stuff, imagine it layered with even more melodic lines. Kind of like a pink floyd space jam interpreted by nels cline.)

FACT027 MEANING – “glass cemetery” c60 (this one is more subdued than say open pockets. This has a more flutes played by a babbling brook kind of vibe… spiritual or some shit, and then in other spots it’s like subdued no-wave… I want someone else to explain what meaning sounds like… it gives me a head ache trying to explain it.)

FACT028 AB – “the minds of consumers” c40 (turntables and tape decks, all thrift store finds, bizarre mix of sermons and world musics. Total freakout weirdness from the long running ab duo of myself and eli (yes same line up as caudill/reis, but drastically different.)

FACT029 TIME CAPSULE “3 cites” c60 (synth, baked electronics and garbage… im keeping these short, but there is a long story behind this that I will post later.)

FACT030 ORBITING FORMATS / ENVENOMIST spilt c30 (two sides of the ohio synth coin… david reed’s (of luasa raelon) envenomist delivering the darkness as promised. And pusdrainer’s Justin lakes drops what im told is the last tracks from his orbiting format project.

FACT031 WETHER – “idiots in comas” c20 (totally weird subtle shit from mike haley, very unlike any other wether release… I honestly listened to this on repeat for like a month.)

FACTO034 ORIGNIAL TONGUES – “volume and participation” c60 )elisha caudill us a guitar wizard, writes songs that he calls “folk”, constructs intricate musique-concrete pieces, and can garble electronics with the best of em, sometimes he does this all in one track. total mind bender.

FACT037 DEVELOPER --- c20 (harsh musique-concrete. Two side long tracks recorded straight to tape.)

(some recent releases that went under the radar and I made a short run of oop TEETH COLLECTION tapes for the sept sale, and for Milwaukee Noise Fest and have a few left over)

FACT009 TEETH COLLECTION – “objects of metal and tape” c60 (acoustic / amplified metal and magnetic tape.)

FACT012 MEANING– “open pockets” c60 (very few left. Packaged in roofing tarp. weirdo improv from elisha caudill, josh fink, and myself. Sound varies from session to session. Open pockets is kinda a blown out, frantic, free improv brawl. )

FACT014 TEETH COLLECTION – “pepaw… for harley dill” c60 (prepared banjo, all acoustic. Highly personal work. )

FACT016 TEETH COLLECTION – “misused glory” c40 (more banjo and bells, stuff I worked out while working on “pepaw”)

FACT017 FOOTBINDER – “developing an exit strategy” c20 (my fkd up “hardcore” band… caveman mathrock with a dump truck load of noise on top. No guitar.)

FACT019 GNARLY SHEEN “danger dancers” c40 (morgan is one of the dudes that runs husk records. Gnarly sheen is fkd. Super baked bizzaro world shit.)

FACT020 INTERSTATES ECT. c30 (guitar/synth bliss drone. Gorgeous stuff. Brandon greter from Mansfield ohio)

FACT021 MEANING – “sun cradles the moon” c60 (there are some weird song like moments on this… makes me think of snappy spy music, but I don’t know what that means exactly. There are also some really serine blissed out moments… kinda new age… )

FACT022 JOHN MOLONEY / I AM FORESIGHT split c60 (jmm=harsh, slow evolving drone, iaf = fast harsh/weird, ex-tngc. Both from dayton ohio)

FACT023 DIAPHRAGMATIC / DEVELOPER split c20 (diaphragmatic = metal on metal harsh (recent skeleton dust tape destroys), developer = my spastic harsh cut up shit)

FACT026 CLVIII / GHOST OF OBTUSE split c30 (clviii = blackened psychedelic harshness, goo=super harsh beats and vocals, both dayton)

$20 U.S.A./$25 MEX./CAN./$30 WORLD

single tape $5ppd/$7ppd world
($4/$6 when ordering more than one item)

email/paypal to:

trades welcome (tapes please, no cd-rs).

samples up soon.

(!!!the LP/cd-r can also be ordered from HUSK =!!!)