Saturday, March 31, 2012

(sorta) new releases on other labels

so developer has been busy... below are posts/info from recent developer releases on other labels... oh... and also... there is some old teeth collection material that is gonna come out on crucial blast at some point, when i say old i mean like death factory style.

from imminent frequencies :

IF15 - Developer "IF15"
c30 Edition of 50
Harsh music concrete and tape assemblage from Matthew Reis. A prominent member of Ohio's experimental music scene, Reis (Teeth Collection, Factotum Tapes) has become synonymous for his explorations of electro-acoustic music. First with his Teeth Collection project and now under the guise of Developer, Reis has moved into exploring the areas of tape-based harsh noise and music concrete. Reis's style of improv tape music takes cues from Burrough's cut-ups while forging a new kind of (harsh) experimentation.


from out-of-body:

O-O-B R-004
assembled tape collage and harsh noise cut-up from Developer. Mind
splitting fast cuts blending with brain warping sounds and harsh noise
assaults. Weird and raw. Dark yet playful. One of the weirdest projects
going on right now. CAUTION: repeated listens or listening while
inebriated may cause insanity.... It did for me on both accounts.

from fusty cunt.... there is no actual post on his blog (think he stared the blog after the release) but it says its still available.

from sound holes:

SOUND HOLES #049 | DEVELOPER - #049 | C30

"HARSH noise from Dayton, OH. Cut up transitions edited entirely on tape. Rough and relentless blasts of static all across the spectrum. TOUGH."

Edition of 52

Audio Excerpt


from white centipede noise, also no post... but im pretty sure he just made more copies.


from spirit throne (these were released in an edition of 25 two months ago. i never got copies. not sure if this is still in print. any know anything email me)

  1. Developer - Untitled Release  Two disorienting side long pieces from Factotum Tapes’ Matthew  Reis. Quiet moments intercut with harsh feedback leave you wondering how  you got here and how you’re going to make it out. Samples, tapes, &  electronics on a C30. Edition of 25. Order here. Developer - Untitled Release  Two disorienting side long pieces from Factotum Tapes’ Matthew  Reis. Quiet moments intercut with harsh feedback leave you wondering how  you got here and how you’re going to make it out. Samples, tapes, &  electronics on a C30. Edition of 25. Order here.
    High Resolution

    Developer - Untitled Release

    Two disorienting side long pieces from Factotum Tapes’ Matthew Reis. Quiet moments intercut with harsh feedback leave you wondering how you got here and how you’re going to make it out. Samples, tapes, & electronics on a C30.

  2. Edition of 25.


from skeleton dust:


Developer is the harsh musique concrete project of an anonymous Dayton, Ohio resident. Developer presents a work of heavy electronics and rapid fire tape cut-ups that blasts the listener with ripping swaths of noise that simultaneously bear a playful absurdity. Edition of 100.

$6ppd NA/$8ppd world

Developer sample


the tapes on HUSK, ORANGE MILK, 905, and OKTO are outta print. some things in the future... but we'll get to them when they come. my stock on any of these that i have is low enough that i would suggest hitting up the labels.. but i have a few of a few things, if you really want to give me yr money email for a list.. but for the best bet, hit up the labels in question. thanks

Thursday, March 29, 2012

more dayton shit

manible (daytons husband and wife duo of kanible and the vehicle) started this really cool wordpress site for more dayton support. so here is a link. enjoy!:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

recent teeth collection acoustic set

for ben's bday enjoy:
barajas over at okto media has been doing these video mags for a second... this is the 3rd one... lots of dayton love here. enjoy.

being video

from the same nite as the developer group set... though you can't tell in the video, luke took part in the developer group that nite. and then he closed the nite with one of the sickest sets ever. enjoy:

developer group video

here is a video of the developer group set from the other nite...

some recent developer reviews:

these are all for the out of body tape. link to the label at the bottom... i only have a few, so i'd suggest you hit them up!



DEVELOPER “OOBR004″ C20 (Out Of Body Records, 2011)


DEVELOPER "OOBR004" cs (2011)

dEVELOPER blazes forth sharp, visceral, hills of harsh noise walls, pausing and chopping for various lengths only to punch back in at the oddest time where your ear-mind just begin to orientate itself to the sound, and then it slices-dissappears-kills back in again. Super high pitched feedback blasts knife their way through blown out bass hammerings, and then swell together to once again enduce a choppy form f nausea. The parts of this tape that work best for me, are where it gets really choppy, as opposed to the places where the walls build up to a point of density where things become blurred and sashed out, but this never happens for long, as DEVELOPER stays on the pace quite swiftly throughout the majority of the A side. Roaring, pummeling mechanized broken up loops sift through the blown out pillars of chaos and take brief rests, before jackhammering the cavity with thousands of white noise ghosts. The more the tape goes on the less and less breaks there are between the chaotic buzzing walls, yet it never totally looses it’s chopped aesthetic and frenetic pacing. Developer’s style, on this release at least, doesn’t come off as a bunch of tracks piled upon each other digitally, but rather a line-in style of recording where the cuts are being made live, I have no REAL evidence of this, but that’s the “organic” nuance that I pick up from the aesthetics of the pacing and editing, done quite well.


Developer – 00BR004


Journalist Name: Joseph Gates
Artist: Developer
Title: O-O-BR004
Label: Out-Of-Body Records
Cat. # O-O-BR004
Format: CS
Genre: Harsh Noise/Industrial

01 Untitled
02 Untitled

Interesting stuff- spastic and cut-up noise from the American mid-west. I do not know much about this project except that I think that it is a guy from the mid-west. Different in feel from the previous releases on Out Of Body, this one doesn’t have that tripped-out feel that I have come to expect. This is really spastic cut-up noise with some beats and kind of almost dance or jungle aspects to it. It sounds more like Sickness or something like that rather than something that I would really spend a lot of time listening to. Ultimately it has the effect of feeling like a series of pneumatic drills or electrical shocks have made themselves present in one’s mind. I find that this sort of noise stuff seems to be getting a lot more popular as of late. Artists like Grain Belt and Custodian have been getting a lot of renown for making this kind of random and aimless noise sounds, basically like a whirlwind of different sounds to disorient the listener with an aesthetic based around industrial sounds and complete random chaos. I can tell from listening to this release that this artist is a talented guy who puts a lot of effort into what he does. The complex nature of the material displays that in an undeniable manner… I had a tape by this guy on Skeleton Dust that was maybe a little more in a pure harsh noise direction and this one seems to have an influence coming from the dubstep or jungle genres.

One thing about the mid-west that comes to mind immediately is the fact that it is very close to Canada. Also, it is sparsely populated and sometimes people eat a processed fish recipe (called Lutefisk I think) that smells and tastes strongly of Lye. The music on this tape kind of reminds me of the way that Lutefisk smells. It’s cool- there are a lot of things that people enjoy in the mid-west that I do not enjoy, and lutefisk is one of them. But I do like Developer. I remember hearing the tape on Skeleton Dust and thinking, “Hey, who is this? This Developer guy is pretty good.” That tape was about twenty minutes, and this one seems to be about the same length. This one has a way more spastic and erratic sound to it, you just don’t know what is going to happen next. Another thing about this cassette, the name of the album is the catalog number of the label. How often do you see that? Hmm. Very minimalist project, I guess it’s a Marshall Machluhan kind of thing, like “the medium is the message.”

So, the Out Of Body records label is always a sign of quality, but this one is on a different tip than most of the OOB stuff. Crazy cut-up noise stuff, not the kind of dark, molasses-thick death industrial noise that the label is so awesomely oriented toward, but it is cool to see Rob putting out some stuff from this project, sort of bridging the gap between Texas and the midwest a little bit. Spastic and violent in the construction- all over the place and brief noise blasts on either side of the release. Nice tripped out art on the front by Rob, and as always a great print job and presentation for Out Of Body Records. Might be enjoyable for fans of stuff like Sickness as well as the aforementioned mid-western noisy type of stuff… this is real balls-out no frills noise that might give you a headache. Will possibly bring out the animal in you.

Rating: 4.5/5


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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Developer "00BR004" cs

Out of Body Records

This is the first noise tape in a long time that, surprisingly, reminds me a little of Merzbow. You would think that would come up a lot more often and maybe at first everything kinda sounds like Merzbow or Massonna to people but the glitchy, harsh, spastic, intense noise on this cassette reminds me of Merzbow. Specifically from like twenty years ago. It's pretty nostalgic listening to this one. I think when I was about 18 years old and I was buying noise tapes and records I was thinking that I was doing something that would scare girls and therefore they would think I was interesting and then want to show me their boobs. I was an idiot. Clearly. But I got to listen to a lot of really amazing work back then and of course from the availability and already massive catalog, Merzbow was a constant for me. When Pulse Demon came out and I discovered I could actually own a Merzbow shirt I think I actually worn it everyday for a month. Developer is intense. I don't know if rocking early 90's Japanese noise is what they were going through but I suspect they have a pretty extensive knowledge of noise and how to make it. Developer makes me feel young again. Young and very not laid.


Developer – OOBR004 C30

20 January 2012 tankakern No Comment

Developer – OOBR004 C30

Out-of-Body Records

Developer is the harsh noise project of Matthew Reis, better known for being the man behind Teeth Collection. Utilizing the catalog numbers as the titles themselves, Developer’s sound is one simultaneously harsh and strange. With smashing industrial sections that constantly devolve into straightforward harsh noise in one way or another, ”OOBR004” takes on a sound that won’t be unfamiliar to harsh noise fans but contributes things like weird field recordings to add a bizarre edge.

The transition here is constant while maintaining a harsh noise base that is just as constant. Everything here is fast and aggressive. Reis utilizes heavy loop usage a la Merzbow tastefully; the hammering industrial rhythms provide a balance to the schizophrenic pacing. There are elements that recur throughout the tape that unify the sound as a whole; this tape may sound random but the composition here is great. Sections range from straightforward feedback assault to distorted rhythmic sections slowly stretching out over time to field recordings and even ambient.

”OOBR004” takes on a sound of classic harsh noise yet adds things to the equation to make Developer’s sound stand out somewhat. In its entirety, this tape isn’t particularly original but would be a good addition to any harsh noise fan’s collection.

Composition: ★★★½☆
Sounds: ★★★½☆
Production Quality: ★★★½☆
Concept: ★★★☆☆
Packaging: ★★★★☆
Overall Rating: ★★★½☆

and from out of body themselves:

O-O-B R-004

assembled tape collage and harsh noise cut-up from Developer. Mind
splitting fast cuts blending with brain warping sounds and harsh noise
assaults. Weird and raw. Dark yet playful. One of the weirdest projects
going on right now. CAUTION: repeated listens or listening while
inebriated may cause insanity.... It did for me on both accounts.





Monday, March 26, 2012

more developer weirdness

so last nite at the pregnant spore show here in dayton, i did the first DEVELOPER GROUP set... this one being the DAYTON DEVELOPER GROUP as it was in dayton... same idea as developer, but instead of mostly tapes and my other stuff as the sources, i used other ppls line ins and had a full 12 memeber group consisting of all dayton ladies and gentlemen (and justin mark lloyd sat in as well)... below is the link for the track... thanks to the participants: ben=vob, jimi=skintape. nikki=lepor colony, jonathan=foresight, luke=being, katie=kanible, jmm=john molony, bill=amusiac, britney=???, jml=pregnat spore, stu + dan =vukmir vukmir, dan rizer=glom, and myslef. enjoy


Friday, March 23, 2012

various live sets and such.

developer live at the roup house 8.13.11

developer live at casa demise in dayton (date unknown, sometimes this year)

7/8/11 developer live in mansfeild ohio

developer live at the gates of hell

email if you have any links to live sets of any current factotum artist

whats in print!

below (in the previous post) is the batch that was released in june 2011... for whatever reason i never actually posted them here. there were also a few tapes that kinda came out and were never really posted anywhere.... so to clear things up... below (as in right below, in this post) is the list of whats in print... whats out of print, and whats coming very soon.

fact059 developer - "fact059" c20
fact058 alexander adams - "stray voices over roaming" c40
fact057 skin graft / collapsed arc - "shadow self" (split/remix) c20
fact056 explosive improvised deveice - "embrace self defeat" c30
fact055 discretion / developer - "split" c20 (1913/8)
fact054 aperiodic -"untitled" c40
fact053 footbinder - "ep2" c20
fact052 hostage pageant - "a study in self deprication" c20
fact051 developer - "fact051" c20
fact050 teeth collection - "tome" 6xc60
fact049 mannequin hollowcaust / developer - "split" c20
fact048 developer - "x-mass/new years gift" ltd to 20 c20
fact047 developer - "12 month tape swap" ltd to 12 c40
fact046 v/a "HUSH! quiet music vol. 6"
fact045 v/a "HUSH! quiet music vol. 5"
fact044 v/a "HUSH! quiet music vol. 4"
fact043 v/a "HUSH! quiet music vol. 3"
fact042 v/a "HUSH! quiet music vol. 2"
fact041 v/a "HUSH! quiet music vol. 1"
fact040 weathers & glover - "englist export plastic" c40
fact039 matthew reis / jack callahan - "split" c30
fact038 jerk - death testament" c30
fact037 developer - "fact037" c20
fact036 clviii / developer - "split" c30 (1913/7)
fact035 wood & rope / developer - "split" c30 (2 copies left) (1913/6)
fact034 original tongues - "volume and participation" c60
fact033 kanible / the vehicle - "symbiosis" (split) c40 (1913/5)
fact032 teeth collection / josh lay - "collab" LP + cdr set
(cdr is a reissue of fact006)
fact031 wether - "idiots in comas" c20
fact030 envenomist / orbiting formats - "split" c30
fact029 time capsule - "3 cities" c90
fact028 ab - "the minds of consumers" c40
fact027 meaning - "glass cemetery" c60
fact026 clviii / ghost of obtuse - "split" c30 (1913/4)
fact025 two suns - "roots below / ditchcraft" c90
fact024 caudill + reis - "distance between strings" c40
fact023 diaphragmatic / developer - "split" c20 (1913/3)
fact022 john madigan molony / i am foresight - "split" c60 (1913/2)
fact021 meaning - "the sun craddles the moon" c60
fact020 interstates (etc.) - "i felt closer to god..." c30
fact019 gnarly sheen - "danger dancer" c40
fact018 teeth collection / plasmic formations - "2010 tour split" 2xc90 (1913/1)
fact017 footbinder - "developing an exit stratagy" c20
fact016 teeth collection - "misused glory" c40
fact015 plasmic formations - "i now know, knowing now" c90
fact014 teeth collection - "pepaw: for harley dill" c60
fact013 plasmic formations - "years of an unwanted past" 2xc90
fact012 meaning - "open pockets" c60
fact011 swamp horse - "obsidian" c20
fact010 a snake in the garden - "hypnosil" c30
fact009 teeth collection - "objects of metal and tape" c60
fact008 adrian barbobot - "amazon woman" c30
fact007 alistair crosbie - "the suntrap" c30
fact006 teeth collection / josh lay - "split/collab" 2xc30
fact005 teeth colletion / jason zeh / nicolas ceparski / eid -
"4 way 2009 tour split" 2xc20
(co-released with eyewish arts and community college)
fact004 teeth collection - "oddites" c60
fact003 teeth collection - "fact003" c40
fact002 e.a.n.m. - "untitled" c20
fact001 v/a "static hymnal" 6xc60 boxed set
(co-released with husk and hlah?)

tapes are $5 each post paid in the usa, lp +cdr set is $15 post paid in the usa,
everywhere else email for quote.
paypal to

some other things around the bend, tapes by the ames room, a.saunders, aidsblood, and more in the unofficial 1913 flood activites series of splits of dayton, ohio artist.
fact033 kanible/the vehicle - "split" c40.
Vol. 5 in the unofficial “1913 flood activities series” of Dayton, Ohio splits. this vol couples an actual married couple (who also play as a duo called mandible). side A is kanible with her super bizzare blend of spoken word, harsh noise, and strange "improv" sounds. side B is the vehicle doing his super dense miasmic layered eq thing. shit is crazy.


The Vehicle:

fact035 wood&rope / developer - "split" c30
Vol. 6 in the unofficial “1913 flood activities series” of Dayton, Ohio splits. first release from wood & rope. super harsh blackened noise from the man behind the black metal group altars. developer drops more uber spastic harsh cut up weirdness, some have called this developers best work to date.

Wood & Rope:


fact036 clviii / developer - "split" c30
Vol. 7 in the unofficial “1913 flood activities series” of Dayton, Ohio splits. the 2nd apperance from clviii in the series sees him further honing his dark caveman electronics, adding more space to the dense harsh grossness. developer hands in another track from the same sessions as the w&r split, adding more depth.



fact038 jerk - "death testament" c30
cleveland's jerk (featuring the line up of david, wyatt and adrian) spill looped filth all over some spatic drum rants and brute guitar noise and david's awsome vocal dilivery. 30 mins of fucked up no-wave noise weirdness.


fact039 jack callahan / matthew reis - "split" c30
callahan and reis here both delivering side long acoustic tracks for "percussion", callahan's side is for snare and random percussion, reis' side is prepared banjo and random percussion.

Jack Callahan:

Matthew Reis:

fact040 weathers & glover - "english import plastic" c40
guitar player andrew weathers and saxophonist alex glover deliver gorgeous jazz and modern classical influenced duo workouts. def one of the prettiest things factotum has ever released.

Wethers and Glover: