Tuesday, May 22, 2012

thanks so much for the orders thus far.... all orders have gone out as of today. http://www.discriminatemusic.com DISCRIMINATE now caries factotum tapes... please give them a look see.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ok... so something weird happened with my hotmail account... so the email addy i've had since 1998 is now gone... so... if you want info on upcoming factotum tapes send an email over to factotumtapes@hotmail.com and i"ll get you signed up. so contact addy has changed to factotumtapes@hotmail.com, paypal addy has been changed to this as well... if you sent a payment to the old email addy its ok... i still got them... sorry if this has caused any problems.

Friday, May 11, 2012

6 new tapes from factotum!!!!!!!!!!

fact059    developer      c20
fact057    skin graft & collapsed arc    shadow self    c20
fact055    discretion / developer    split    c20
fact053    footbinder    ep2    c20
fact052    hostage pageant   a study in self deprication   c20
fact049     mannequin hollowcaust / developer  split  c20

 tapes are $7 ppd in the usa, $5 if ordering more
than one tape, any 5 tapes for $20 (including distro).
        overseas orders please email.
                                   contact and paypal addy -

still available:

*fact032  teeth collection / josh lay lp & cdr set - $15 (cd-r is bonus material
                                                                            counts as 2 tapes in the deal)
*fact038 jerk - death testament - c30 6 LEFT
*fact039 matthew reis / jack callahan split c30

factotum related distro:
*white centepede noise tapes $5
        *out of body tape SOLD OUT
*spirit throne tape $5 4 LEFT
*fusty cunt tape $5 1 LEFT
       *sound holes tape SOLD OUT
*moth cock split on a sound design  $5 2 LEFT
       *brian green split on cyclops sound SOLD OUT
       *2xc20 2011 tour box, one side each from developer,
        diaphragmatic, heart of the whore, and one side
        group collab. SOLD OUT

matthew reis
*matthew reis -  c30 on community collage $5
*matthew reis /  bryce beverlin II split c30 on insides $5 3 LEFT

all distro is in low stocks, so please email before ordering from distro list.