Thursday, April 25, 2013

just in time for shut up fest III.... 

                         fact082        steve french / contrarian - "split"     c10     (1913vol.17)
steve french is trailer park boys inspired drums and bass power violence from dayton. these ball hockey lovin' fucks are also the former rhythm section of dayton grinders chronic demise. the flip side is blown out noisecore worst from contrarian. these two inept fucks individually are developer and sorcerer torturer.

                               fact067        water torture - "the developer remixes"       c10
buffalo power violence duo water torture semi recently released a split 7" with australian noisy grind duo thedowngoing for a north american tour. water torture gave the un mixed un cut raw studio tracks from their side to developer to "remix". the result sounds more like fast paced 90's japanease harsh noise.

                           fact066       developer / sorcerer torturer - "split"      c20      (1913vol.11)
sorcerer torture is dayton's one man noise core army. garbled vocals, blasts for the sake of blasts, horrible noises, attempts at playing instruments. flip side is dayton's developer usual mute button antics. no sound is innocent.

tapes are $5 each,  double tapes are $10... 

usa  $3.00 first item,  $0.30 each additional item, double tapes counts as two.
overseas seas, please email for shipping quote.

questions, comments, and paypal all to 

still  available:
alexander adams c40 ONLY 5 LEFT 
explosive improvised device c30
aperiodic (pro dubbed) c30
the ames room (pro dubbed) c60
developer / phoned nil trio c20  ONLY 5 LEFT
developer /pusdrainer c20 ONLY 7 LEFT
developer / being c20
developer / mass comm c20
hostage pageant  c20
skin graft & collapsed arc c20
footbinder  c20
jack callahan / matthew reis c30     ONLY 2 LEFT

non factotum available:
developer / crown of bone split    ONLY 4 LEFT
developer - "PT:188" phage double tape   ONLY 2 LEFT
developer / authority split on oktomedia
developer - "ecr57" existential cloth tape
matthew reis - "cc038" community collage tape
bryan lewis saunders' stream of unconscious  vol 10 (language of light / matthew reis) tape

next up...  some sooner some later:
ohio unsemble c40
developer c40
developer / sorcerer torturer  c20
contrarian c10
muck  c40
hyrrokkin c30
patio slang c60
developer / orgasmic response unit c20
developer / scant c20
developer / jason zeh c20
developer / filth c20
roadside picnic c40
obsessive thought patterns re-issue c60
developer c10
and both
hush, quiet music series vol 1-6 (yes this is actually going to come out)
1913, dayton comp series

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