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new factotum summer crushers:

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                                                fact096     developer / deceiver           c10
water torture / v.o.c. bassist matt (phil) goodrich's brutal hnw project deceiver drops a 5 min sandblaster of low end wall pummel. on the flip side developer answers the inertia with a clusterfuck of light speed breakneck heavy cuts, silence, and weirdness. 

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                                               fact094     rowlands_bobby - "s/t"        c90
tapes, minimal electronics, found objects, homemade instruments, small motors, and field recordings are the tools at hand in the improv repertoire of rowlands_bobby. a newish duo of dayton mainstays daniel downing (whoracle of deco, vukmir vukmir) and matthew reis (developer, ab duo). mixing elements of free improv, a very punk take on musique-concrete and frequent trips to the hardware store, rowlands_bobby uses one hand to flip switches and the other to give someone the finger.

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               fact093     peter j woods free jazz ensemble - "without under or gone"       c35
another release of tough as fuck free jazz, sitting nicely on the shelf with other factotum jazz gods the ames room and aperiodic. this time coming from milwaukee's peter j woods and co. recorded by reed man jason wietlispach, and rounded out by ryan bollis and patrick haga (both on drums) and mr. woods on bass and bibletron (an electronic device built inside a hollowed out bible, built by dan or earth). this is some serious heavyweight, muscle flexing jazz. think early last exit, then add more weight. 

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                                             fact092     ab duo / proportions - "split"      c40
two dayton duos, the long running ab (eli caudill and matthew reis (developer)) and the newer group of proportions (jonathan barajas (okto media, foresight, authority etc) and ryan mattox). ab drop a weird one, even for them, with everything somehow drenched in tape warble, bells, found tapes of speeches, minimal electronics and mutated guitar all ebbing and flowing. the b side is a much darker affair, drones and distant clangs, subtle electronics, and whispered disembodied voices. proportions take things up a notch from there debut cdr on oktomedia. 

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                                            fact091     ahlzadevelopr  - "collaboration"      c20
two of americas top cut up artist ahlzagailzehguh and developer sent scraps of material back in fourth via email and each carved all new compositions from the these blocks of sound. this is exactly what you would expect from a meeting of these two heavy weights, meticulously cut up sounds of electronics, tapes and metal thrown precisley in every direction. this collaboration will extend into the live realm at summer scum III this year, and both sides are already working on a follow up. 

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                                            fact090     jesse krakow - "a loaf of fun"      c30
i've known jesse for years, of all the people i worked with at the old label, jesse is one of the few that i still have fairly constant contact with, and was by far one of the nicest, coolest, most hard working of all of them. you may know his name from time of orchids, pak, fast n bulbous, or his time playing for shudder to think. "a loaf of fun" is the follow up to his first solo album "i want to make fun with you" (released on public eyesore, get in touch with bryan day over there at eyesore and buy it and everything else available from that label) and it follows closely in step with the first record. 90+ songs, most under a min, of skewed pop music influenced by zappa, the talking heads and the shaggs. for fans of quirky 80s pop music and prog. hands down the funnest thing i have ever released! 

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                                 fact041    ab duo - "monster island and other greats"     c90
part one in the dayton archive series comes this gem from the ab archive, this one goes back to 98' or 99'… featuring the duo of eli caudill and matthew reis (developer) augmented by a few friends, one of which (kevin tibbs) was fairly pivotal in this era of ab. stoned psych jams, instant composition, fun with samplers, stand up bass, bad guitar playing, bizzaro beat poetry, ab had more in common (and no knowledge of) bands like no-neck blues band and nihilist spasm band than the much more focused free improv style that have since honed. this was a free for all. odd short songs composed in real time, and tape edited on the spot. total bizarro. 
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still available: (running low on most of these)
fact042 contrarian / meth lab explosion  c20
fact043 potier. - "irreparable" c20
fact044 obsessive thought patterns - "spoken eclipse" c60
fact045 deceiver / clavicula salomonis  c10
fact046 ab duo  -   "alembic"   c30
fact053 footbinder - "ep2" c20
fact054 aperiodic - c30
fact056 explosive improvised device - "embrace self defeat" c30
fact062 ames room - "full illionois jacquet" c60
fact061 developer / being - "split" c20
fact065 orgasmic response unit / developer c20
fact066 developer / sorcerer torturer c20
fact069 hyrrokkin - "astrionics" c30
fact070 patio slang - "surface politics" c60
fact075 jason zeh / developer - "split" c30
fact080 developer group - "dayton / cleveland board meetings" c10
fact081 ohio unsemble / josiah miller  c40
fact082 steve french / contrarian  c10
fact083 roadside picnic - "the idiot / siren" c40
fact084 developer / scant c20
fact085 developer / filth c20
fact086 pcrv / developer c10
fact087 contrarian   -  "the age of contrarian"     c10
fact088 stress orphan / cincinnatus c.  - "split"    c20

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