Tuesday, September 30, 2014

facialmess / developer split. newest factotum tape.

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                                fact095       facialmess / developer - "split"     c40
not much needs to be said. three brutally clinical harsh noise cut ups from facial mess, one side long track of no sound is innocent harsh noise cut up from developer. two sides of the coin. two takes on the similar styles. both hit like a ton of bricks. 

ordering and shipping:
tapes are $7 each, post-paid in the us. overseas please get in contact below:

questions, comments, PAYMENT (paypal), etc to : factotumtapes@hotmail.com

still available: (running low on most of these)
fact041 ab duo - "monster island and other greats"c90
fact042 contrarian / meth lab explosion  c20
fact043 potier. - "irreparable" c20
fact044 obsessive thought patterns - "spoken eclipse" c60
fact045 deceiver / clavicula salomonis  c10
fact046 ab duo  -   "alembic"   c30
fact054 aperiodic - c30
fact062 ames room - "full illionois jacquet" c60
fact061 developer / being - "split" c20
fact065 orgasmic response unit / developer c20
fact066 developer / sorcerer torturer c20
fact069 hyrrokkin - "astrionics" c30
fact070 patio slang - "surface politics" c60
fact074 aidsblood / public housing c20
fact075 jason zeh / developer - "split" c30
fact080 developer group - "dayton / cleveland board meetings" c10
fact081 ohio unsemble / josiah miller  c40
fact083 roadside picnic - "the idiot / siren" c40
fact086 pcrv / developer c10
fact087 contrarian   -  "the age of contrarian"     c10
fact088 stress orphan / cincinnatus c.  - "split"    c20
fact089 i.g.m. "infernal mirro(s)" c20
fact090 jesse krakow - "a loaf of fun"  c30
fact091 ahlzadevelopr  - "collaboration"    c20
fact092 ab duo / proportions - "split"    c40
fact093 peter j woods free jazz ensemble - "without under or gone"  c35
fact094 rowlands_bobby - "s/t"  c90
fact095 facialmess / developer "split" c40
fact096 developer / deceiver  -"split"   c10

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