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spring 2015 factotum tapes. 

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               fact096                     deceiver / developer             -                   "split"                      c10
water torture / v.o.c. bassist matt (phil) goodrich's brutal hnw project deceiver drops a 5 min sandblaster of low end wall pummel. on the flip side developer answers the inertia with a clusterfuck of light speed breakneck heavy cuts, silence, and weirdness. 

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            fact097              plagues / developer               -              "split"                             c10
p.e. master brandon hill bestows upon us a malicious maelstrom of total brutality. this track sounds like the audio representation of pure hell.  developer's b side while a mess of cut up harsh weirdness, still seems to carry over the longing vibe from the a side via the beach memory at the end. 

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              fact102               thirteen fingers / developer                -             "split"                c10
two short side long stabs of brutal cut up harsh noise from two of americas finest. side a, thirteen fingers hits us with "massacre" a harsh glitching hic-up of crushing, unrelenting harsh noise. on the b side developer deliver a mile-a-minute cut up of harsh noise, filter madness, percussion, fucked up loops and squeaky doors. 

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        fact104                    matthew reis              -           "malignant slumber "           34pg         art zine 
this is the first collection of collage works by sound and visual artist matthew reis. best known for his sonic work as developerand teeth collection or his work with such diverse musical groups wasteland jazz ensemble,humane qunea orchestra, altars, footbinder, ohio unsemble, muck, heart of the whore, black almas, etc or remix work with +hirs+, water torture, hyrrokkin and others, he has just as long a history of making covers flyers and personal works. while co-running the epicene sound systems label reis created the covers for the majority of the 100+ cassette and cdr releases for epicene's side label ESR. running the factotum tape label on his own ever since epicene's closure, reis has either curated or created the art and layouts for the entire catalog (also at 100+ releases). this collection is comprised of tape and cd-r covers, work from other out of print zines, personal works, and images originally made for flyers going as far back as 1999. 


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          fact105              developer & tinnitustimulus              -            "remixes"                 c30
large amounts of raw un cut audio was exchanged via email. lots of techniques of cutting and pasting were then applied. loops were made, sounds were treated. and the end results.. two side long slabs of 
showcasing each artist ability to make all sound there own by perverting the other artist original sound sources for their own pleasure. and thankfully ours. 

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            fact107                    rowlands_bobby            -           "2nd"                    c90
2nd c90 from the men behind dayton cut up soloist developer and whoracle of delco, slow it down and weird it out. while echoes of the super crushing harshness found on the first tape can be heard, they decided to stretch there legs out on this one. melting string sections, ghost radio frequencies, raked leaves, tension you can cut with a knife make up the brutal beauty of this barrage of what the fuck. 
                                                   to hear these releases and more:


ordering and shipping:
tapes are $7 each, $3 for first tape, $0.50 each additional.  overseas please get in contact below:

questions, comments, PAYMENT (paypal), etc to :

still available: (running low on most of these)
fact043 potier. - "irreparable" c20
fact044 obsessive thought patterns - "spoken eclipse" c60
fact045 deceiver / clavicula salomonis  c10
fact046 ab duo  -   "alembic"   c30
fact054 aperiodic - c30
fact062 ames room - "full illionois jacquet" c60
fact069 hyrrokkin - "astrionics" c30
fact070 patio slang - "surface politics" c60
fact074 aidsblood / public housing c20
fact083 roadside picnic - "the idiot / siren" c40
fact088 stress orphan / cincinnatus c.  - "split"    c20
fact090 jesse krakow - "a loaf of fun"  c30
fact093 peter j woods free jazz ensemble - "without under or gone"  c35
fact094 rowlands_bobby - "s/t"  c90
fact096 developer / deceiver  -"split"   c10
fact097 developer / plagues  - "split" c10
fact102 developer / thirteen fingers  - "split" c10
fact104 matthew reis (developer) - "malignant slumber" artzine
fact105 developer & tinnitustimulus - "remixes"  c30
fact107 rowlands_bobby - "2nd" c90

factotum coming soon:
fact099 matt weston c30 (factotum percussion series vol. II)
fact100 v/a - "CUT UP AMERICA" 2xc? box with scissors. (line up: 
baculum… custodian… collapsed arc… i dm theft able… a snake in the garden… whoracle of delco… vasculae… constrain... genital stigmata… crank sturgeon... ryan jewell… deterge.. alhzagailzehguh.. jeff howard… jeff carry… trish devine... bacillus… boar... xome… aunt's analog… tinnitustimulus…tralphaz...flesh trade... t.e.f… jason soliday… aodl… sissy spacek… worth… hostage pageant… pcrv… breakdancing ronald reagan... thirteen fingers… e.i.d.… breaking the will… brad griggs… viodre… mass comm… developer… wince… mania… flutter… seal team 666...and sickness (line up could change)
fact101 michael kimed  -"drift" c40 (factotum percussion series vol. III)
fact103 blake fleming  - "live and alone in new york city" c60 (factotum percussion series vol. IV)
fact106 developer & hostage pageant - "remixes" c20
fact108 rowlands_bobby - "n/a" artzine and cdr
fact109  developer & purgist - "remixes" c20
****also at some point im going to put out that hush box, but as a box, not a series.

developer, etc coming soon/in the works:
****developer 7" on starved relations (cover art by myself...there will also be a limited edition version that will have some special surprises with it, more to come as info becomes available. tracks have been recorded, and sent to the plant. might have a tape release of remixes by other artist from this material that might be a totally separate release. 
***developer cd on copy for your records (one ten min track is done, it took 2 months, this might take awhile)
***ahlzdeveloper collab tape number 2 on collapsed hole (and then one more future release from this collab on phage tapes later on)
***developer tape on bear town (has yet to be recorded)
***developer / umpio 2xc30 split on cipher productions… cut up vs junk metal.
***obliterate trio cd on cipher productions  (three way collab between matt taggart (pcrv), matthew reis (developer) and elisha caudill (original tongues/meaning)… brutal and lush
***recently recorded in jim marlowe of tropical trash's studio in louisville ky as a member of wasteland jazz ensemble. line up was crazy, added to the unit's usual duo of jon lorenz (sax, amp, fx) and john rich (clarinet, amp, fx) was the augmented line up of both  ryan jewell (psychedelic horse shit, etc) and brett nagufuchi (hyrrokkin, juan) on drums, both ed ricart (hyrrokkin, mata gawa, william hooker trio) and dylan posa (cheer accident, brise-glace, anatomy of habit, etc etc) on basses and guitars, and myself on electronics. recorded a shit load of blistering material, which are currently seeking homes. 

                                  ***********************LOOKING FOR*******************************
zines from any era with a focus on noise, industrial, early electronics, weird music, free jazz, free improv, electro-acoustic, musique-concrete, no-wave, noise-rock, weird instruments etc. can trade anything from the catalog or pay cash. email with lists

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